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Independent School Alliance


About Us

The DMV independent School Alliance is a confederation of facility leaders. Its intention is to support and enhance the built and learning environments on private school campuses.

The DMV Independent School Alliance provides for a quarterly forum for stakeholders’ professional development. We review the latest technology, system efficiencies, high-performance products and relevant solutions. Our Mission: to enrich school plant management, energy and environmental control, security and maintenance through continued education.

The broader responsibility of the DMV Independent School Alliance is to embrace best practices, share institutional knowledge, insights and opportunities with contemporaries in a casual setting. Equally important, the Alliance affords members the opportunity to network with fellow independent school colleagues from the District, Maryland and Virginia who are engaged in the same pursuit.

Quarterly meetings are held at the host school. Vendor partners, approved by member schools, sponsor insight-led presentation and provide for on campus meal. Following the presentation, school personnel provide a campus tour.

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Topics Of Interest

  • HVAC Design Service Regulation: Rooftop. Split System. Chillers & VRF Systems
  • Sustainability: Geo Thermal
  • Energy Management & Effeciency
  • Acute Care Facilities Team Round Table
  • Public K12 Capital Planning, Facilities & Maintenance Panel Discussion
Upcoming Events
Post Graduation Meeting @ Episcopal Thursday, June 20 @ 11:30 AM -1:00 PM
Summer Meeting: Cookout

Independent School Alliance